10 Benefits Of Chatbots For Digital Marketing

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Jun 10, 2020

Digital marketing is changing. In the past few years, more companies have been adopting technologies like chatbots to improve customer service and respond to new clients faster. Chatbots for digital marketing are in their infancy but growing steadily. Here are ten reasons we think you should join the bandwagon or give it a try.

1. Your Response Will Be Faster

When you put up a social media page or run an ad or build solid SEO for your site, you’re targeting millions of people. When these people start contacting you for business, the response can sometimes be overwhelming. However, they don’t know the situation at your end, so; they get frustrated if you don’t respond on time. 

Chatbots on your website and social media pages can help make responses faster so that you’re able to retain more customers. Chatbots are twice as fast as voice-based support, making them essential for your digital marketing campaigns.

2. Generate Consumer Analysis

You can program chatbots to monitor and track purchasing patterns and customer behavior. Having such robust data at your disposal gives you a chance to optimize sales in many different ways. 

Your consumer analysis data will also be useful for making projections, testing product favors, and creating better digital marketing that will save you money.

3. It’s Not Another Annoying App

As more apps are published, smartphone users are growing wary about downloading new apps. It makes their device slow, eats up data, and creates so much data clutter. 

Chatbots are not another app but a program built and available on essential media that people already have, like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. 

Your customers will never complain about the chatbots or even realize it’s there since they don’t have to download any additional apps to interact with them. 

4. Access The Power Of Personalized Messaging

Another thing that makes chatbots for digital marketing so cool is personalized messaging. Every customer has something specific they are looking for, and providing that need is one of the most challenging issues for customer service departments to figure out. 

Chatbots allow you to program responses based on several entries that will deliver specific answers to problems. While human operators need regular training and instruction to be up-to-date, a one-click program update is what a chatbot needs to provide solutions to queries. Chatbots can also persuade customers in the right direction until they make a buying decision. 

5. It’s On Social Media

Chatbots being on social media is the best thing for any marketing campaign to get maximum exposure. People spend more time on social media platforms than in any other place. Targeting them with a chatbot within that environment is the most comfortable and pleasing thing you can ever do. 

You can also program chatbots to interact similarly to every other application available on social media. Such a move is necessary for attracting customers and keeping them engaged. 

6. Reach New Customers

Social media pages are great for communication and interaction with people who are already your customers. However, unless you’re doing social media ads, pages hardly get you some new customers because everyone there already knows you. 

When properly utilized, chatbots can help you get new customers consistently, with remarkable results. Chatbots can be integrated into Facebook Messenger so that you’ll reach more people while chatting with their friends and loved ones. By using chatbots for digital marketing, you can deliver relevant and proactive information that your new customers will love. 

7. Reduced Costs Through Digital Marketing Automation

Big companies like JP Morgan Chase & Co are already taking advantage of chatbots for digital marketing. These huge corporations have found that automation allows for faster delivery of service, thereby saving time. 

In addition to saving time, chatbots will also help you save money on digital marketing expenses. You will be able to do so much with less input and still get excellent results. 

Using chatbots can improve customer service efficiency, making them deliver more value for their budget. Realize that humans can only handle one customer at a time, but chatbots can handle an unlimited number of customers with exceptional accuracy and better results. Such an advantage will help a business save on operational and staff overheads, money that can make other departments in the company better. 

8. It Helps To Get Rid Of Errors Due To Manual Handling

Humans are prone to mistakes, lots of them. Most of the time, these errors are not immediately visible and quantifiable to know how much loss it costs the company. But with chatbots, such errors will not exist. Sometimes these errors are not intentional or behavioral, like when the employee is tired or in a bad mood. 

Chatbots don’t have bad moods, so such errors will not come. However, it’s not all interactions that a chatbot can handle. In this case, the bots can forward the customer to a human agent to attend to them, making it a powerful tool for converting audiences to customers in your digital marketing campaigns. 

9. Make Communication With Customers More Fun

Aside from contests, giveaways, and competitions, most digital marketing campaigns are boring. Some people don’t even have a video, while others don’t have any means of engagement. Chatbots give you all the tools and resources to redefine your digital marketing campaign and make it fun, interactive, and engaging. 

Chatbots for digital marketing is useful for education, information, and entertainment purposes. People who take part in your contests will find it amusing when they interact with the bots, which will help increase exposure and reach. 

10. Always Available

There is nothing more beneficial for your digital marketing campaign than customer service that is available 24/7. One survey shows that 83% of people shopping on eCommerce sites will need assistance, and if you have a huge platform, you can’t effectively provide support using humans. 

Chatbots are always available even while everyone is asleep; they never rest. Your site will also record higher traffic with customers from different parts of the world since the chatbots will always be there to provide support and answer questions.


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