15 Strategies That Get More People to Subscribe to your Email

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Jun 29, 2021

Four billion people in the world use emails. With that vast number, it’s no surprise how important they are to digital and content marketing. Getting traffic to a website so visitors can read may be easy. But reading alone doesn’t benefit anyone; you need to get subscribers.

There are several strategies to get more people to subscribe to your email. Email subscribers will translate to more sales and profit.

1. Encourage Visitors to Subscribe

Most people have way more visitors coming to their site than their subscribers. Some of these readers come back for new content or are first-time readers. But they don’t know anything about your subscription.

So, at the end of each post, remind them to subscribe to get notifications on the latest posts. Make sure the subscription form is simple and doesn’t take so much time to complete. People will subscribe to your channel when you ask them in a nice way.

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2. Use QR Codes

Some people are in such haste that they can’t start typing in URLs and filling in plenty of information. You can use QR codes to get more sign-ups because it makes it easier for visitors to give their details. The user scans the QR code with their phone, access the detail, and fill out the information they need.

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3. Get Emails from Your Event Sign-ups

Online and offline events attract many people, even those who don’t read your articles. You can use the opportunity to invite them to your fold by including event sign-ups.

The sign-ups will have a subscription to your email list and increase your reach. The event promo can be on social media pages, and you can promote them with ads as well.

4. Do It in Person at Physical Events

Offline or physical events attract industry professionals and stakeholders who are decision-makers. While you attend such events, use the opportunity to collect emails in person. You can then send them a message and invite them to subscribe to your email lists and get more benefits.

You can also ask them to subscribe immediately through their mobile phone. People you meet in person have a high tendency to trust you more. If they’ve never heard of your platform, they will be happy to learn more about you.

Physical events, especially the one that relates to what you do is essential. You should take the time to attend and meet people who will subscribe to your email list.

5. Invite Social Media Fans

Social media is a great way to get more people to subscribe to your email. Most people get new followers every day, and you can redirect them to a page to subscribe. That’s why you need to add sign-up pages to Facebook.

You can also include sign-up links to Twitter and Instagram. Your social media fans may think following you may be enough. It will be best to educate them about what they’re missing in your emails. You may also include an incentive that will encourage them to subscribe.

6. Create a Fun Quiz

People love games and fun quizzes that test their abilities. They feel the challenge to take part because winning will make them feel good. That’s why you should create and include a fun quiz that people can play on your site.

To play the quiz, they need to subscribe to your email. You may also attach a price for those who complete a certain number of rounds in the game.

7. Use Landing Page

Everyone has a small form at the side of the website where people sign up to subscribe. Get more people to subscribe to your email by adding a specific landing page. The page can be for guest visitors coming for the first time. Make the landing page attractive, enticing, and easy to use.

Too many entries may discourage people from signing up. Landing pages are great because they cut distractions and direct the user to sign up. They leave a good impression on your brand and give you better credibility. In addition, landing pages are accessible to set up, manage, and integrate with many applications.

8. Lock Up the Best Content

There are contents on your site that people can’t stop talking about. These contents become the cornerstone of your site over time. You can use these contents to increase your subscription to your email by locking them.

When people get to your site, they read the first few paragraphs. But they will need to subscribe to your email list to get the full article.

Content locking strategy works because it attracts people who value the effort into creating it. You can have one or more locked content on your site but don’t overdo it. There are several plugins out there you can use to make this possible.

9. Offer Discounts

Grow your eCommerce website by offering discounts in exchange for email sign-ups. Those who sell books, digital downloads, and other content can also do that. It can be set up automatically using some software package or plugins.

More people on your email list mean you have more customers you can market your products to. People love discounts because it helps them save money. Customers who get discounts become more loyal and responsive. There are several benefits from using discounts to get email subscribers.

10. Organize a Competition with Rewards

Competitions are engaging. They also provide an opportunity to get more people to subscribe to your email. You can use a unique tool to do the competition or improvise. You may also do the competition on your social media pages to attract more people.

Whatever method you use, make sure to include sign-up as criteria for participation. The users that sign-up become your subscribers and go on to take part in the competition. Make sure you have a reward for winners to attract more people to take part.

11. Add CTA to YouTube Videos

By now, you should know the importance of making YouTube videos for your business. But do you know you can use them to get email subscriptions? You can do this by including a CTA in your YouTube videos.

Visitors will then follow the link to sign up for your email list. YouTube videos get plenty of traffic these days because of the updated algorithms.

Also, more people consume videos than read articles because of convenience. So benefit from all that traffic by encouraging viewers to join your email list.

12. Use Facebook Ads

Content marketing strategy needs to include social media ads at some point. You can use the power of social ads to increase email subscribers. It’s an investment that will bring returns in the future.

Most people who will sign up are those interested in what you do. That means you will fill your email list with people with a tendency to become buyers.

Facebook ads can help you discover more followers you didn’t get through organic search. If you set the ads well, it can help increase your profit in no small measure. You can have a monthly budget to do this if it works for you well.

13. Ask Email Readers to Share Your Content

Get more people to subscribe to your email by asking readers to share your content. Many people who consume your content won’t share unless you remind them. Ask them to share on social media, websites, forums, and other mediums.

Social media shares are powerful because it promotes your pages. When people share your content on social media, it grows your ranking. Readers can help boost your page more than anyone else. Some of them share content on groups they belong to, and you get quality visitors from there.

14. Use the Content Upgrade Tactics for Popular Posts

A content upgrade is about improving your top-quality old content. These types of content consistently rank high on Google and drive plenty of traffic. You can add an extra layer of content that provides exclusive benefits to the visitors.

For example, if you have a guide, you can include a step-by-step checklist that complements the guide. People who want the checklist must sign up to get it.

A content upgrade is helpful for content marketing because it is simple to implement. It also adds value to the visitors by giving them an extra resource to use.

15. Pre-Sell Upcoming Content

Get more people to subscribe to your email by pre-selling upcoming content. To do this, you must be someone that creates top-quality content that people love. Prepare your content based on the most relevant and trendy topic. Get it ready and start promoting it on social media and your website.

You may also use ads and videos to promote the content to get more attention. Content promotion before publishing creates excitement and desire. People can’t wait for it, and that alone is more reasons why they will subscribe.

They want to ensure they get their hands on it the moment you release it. Create content with new information that people can use to better their business.

Let them see that the content will give them an edge over others. People appreciate content that efforts have gone into creating. They won’t hesitate to subscribe to your email for it.


Email marketing is vital for any content marketer that wants to grow. But you need to figure out ways to get more people to subscribe. Some people use Facebook ads and organize competitions. You might decide to pre-sell upcoming content. Find out what works for you and use it to your advantage.

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