Google Helpful Content Update: Write For People, Not Bots

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Sep 18, 2022

I like to call the Google helpful content update “write for people, not bots” because the update ensures that your visitors see more original, helpful content written by people and for people.

We all know that every now and then, google makes tweaks to its algorithm to enhance user experience. Content creators must consider making changes to their content strategy if they desire their content not to be affected negatively by the new update and to keep their ranks on search engines. 

The recent Google Update seems to raise many questions, and it even scares people. But is it really something to be worried about? Continue reading to understand the Google Helpful Content Update.

Reason For the Update

Google always has reasons why they put up updates. This has kept them at the most used search engine spot for quite a while. The helpful content update is to ensure search engine users get to see more original content. In other words, content that is not written to leverage search engines. In Google’s words: “Content written by people for people.” They describe this as people-first content. 

Emphasis is placed on “original.” So, with this update, only original content stands a chance—new unique content that has never been produced or published.

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People First Content? What is That About?

The simplest way to put this is that people-first content is content people enjoy and relate to. In other words, content that is written with the sole aim of giving readers a friendly experience. 

With the helpful content update, google is saying: (I am paraphrasing) “Alright, enough of trying to climb your way to the top of the search engine results page while completely ignoring what people really want to read and relate to.” 

No, they are not suggesting that you completely ignore SEO and all the good it can bring your site. They are saying: that while you pay attention to SEO, make sure you put the interest of your readers and followers first. 

How Does One Put Out People-First Content?

1. A Target Audience: One essential piece of advice in SEO is to know your target audience. This way, writing what visitors want to read will be easier. 

2. Your Content Has to Be Credible and Come From a Place of Expertise: Yes, you have to be an expert at what you do. Be good enough to be trusted. If your readers can trust your content, Google will make them see more of it on the search engine results page. 

3. Educate: Your content has to leave your readers feeling much more educated than they did before clicking that link. There has to be a special experience that comes from reading the things you put on your website. 

4. No Drowning Content in Keywords: The general advice is this: don’t compromise the readability of your website by applying too many keywords. So, don’t choke that article up with too many keywords.

5. Write What You Want, Not What is Trending: Google is catching up on trends. The disadvantage of putting up content while it is trending is that you are likely to rush the writing process and may not have room for adequate research. 


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