Technical SEO

Like with the many frequently asked questions about SEO, it is not difficult to answer a question about technical SEO, and the concept isn’t too difficult for one to wrap one’s head around.

If one understands the basics of SEO, which I discussed in detail in this article, and has an idea of how search engines work (Insert article about the crawlers and all), in that case, one is already one step into understanding what technical SEO is all about. 

Technical SEO is basically just optimizing your site in a way that helps search engines crawl and index your site optimally so that you can rank higher on organic rankings. 

Search engines only look out for quality pages and websites; that is, they will not put up pages that are not built properly on their results pages because this can prove to be a bad thing, as users will not be satisfied when they make pages. 

You will not recommend a barber who does nothing but damage people’s hair to your friend, no matter how much you love the barber, right? You will only recommend a good barber, one you know you can trust around your friend. 

How would you know a good barber? Well, first, you will look at his own hair. Good barbers who take their style seriously carry very well-cut hair. Then, you will pay a visit to his shop. 

You will look around, looking out for characteristics of a good barbershop. You will look to see if the shop is clean, if the pictures on the wall are new or if the equipment is just the kind you would like to have on your head.

Search engines work the same way. Just like a good barbershop has certain characteristics, every page on the internet worth displaying has good technical characteristics, which the search engine recognizes and pays attention to. 

Technical SEO is just optimizing your site so that it carries all the characteristics that sites easily recognized and published by search engines on search engine result pages are supposed to carry. 

Technical SEO can be done in a number of ways. Listed here are a few, which are discussed in more detail in this link:

1. Speed: A characteristic of a good site is speed. Good web pages are fast, and search engines know this. This is why they search for fast web pages and rank them higher.  

You have to work to make your website faster; make sure there are no bugs on your site that run smoothly. 

2. Security: Secure websites make technically good websites. If a website is not secure, it will most likely not appear on the search engine results page because competition from more secure sites will drown it. 

Make sure your site has great SSL certificates and is marked as secure. Also, be sure that no malware can be found on your site, etc. 


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