10 Ways to Improve the Organic Reach of Your Business in Berlin

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Oct 15, 2022

It is important for businesses to pay attention to Organic SEO, especially small businesses and startups in Berlin that do not have enough budget for paid ads. An increase in organic reach will improve your conversion rates and overall site SEO stats. In this article, I will be looking at ten ways to improve the organic reach of your business in Berlin or anywhere in Germany (Location-targeted SEO).

1. Hire an SEO Consultant

It is always better to hire the services of an SEO consultant if you have got the budget for it. Luckily, one of the best SEO agencies covering the Berlin Metropolitan Region, Serpcore, is open to working with any willing companies for a budget-friendly price. 

Serpcore has been in the game for quite a while and, so far, has managed the SEO requirements of a number of companies. These companies all agreed to experience a boost in conversions and customer engagement. 

To increase the organic reach of your business in Berlin, reach us at contact@serpcore.com or use the contact form on the contact page and expect quick feedback. 

2. Upload an XML Site Map

An XML sitemap is a file existing on your website to help search engines crawl your web pages faster. Typically, XML sitemaps contain a list of all your site’s most important pages—the ones you would like search engines to find. 

Sitemaps contain the following parts: 

  • A declaration that shows crawlers just what they are trying to know.
  • The URL of your important pages 
  • A mod that tells search engines the date changes were last made to your pages. 

Create and upload an XML site map on your website, and you are sure to notice an increase in your organic reach. Quite a number of your competitors in Berlin use XML sitemaps, so it is best you use them as well.

3. Optimize For Your Industry Keywords

Keywords are a set of words searchers key into their search engine bar. These words direct search engines in their search for relevant information before they are shown to users. 

Every industry has its own set of keywords, some of which are location specific. For example, if searchers in Berlin are typing out the words: “Handcrafts in Berlin,” then it will help to include the words: “Handcraft” and maybe even Berlin in your content. 

Optimizing keywords usually involves a number of methods. First, you have to figure out what searchers are looking for. This is called keyword research. Then you have to include these keywords in your content. 

To check out how competitive a keyword is and its search volume, you can use a keyword tool like Semrush or Ahrefs.

Keyword research tool

Ahrefs keyword explorer tool

4. Check Out Your Competitors in Berlin

Learning from competitors is one of the favored ways to see an increase in business performance, not just in Berlin but anywhere in the world. 

Every business has competitors, even yours, and to succeed, you have to watch your competitors and try as much as you can to outsmart them. 

—What are your competitors doing? 

—What keywords are they using? 

—What are their SEO methods? 

Provide answers to these questions, and implement your findings. There is a big chance your site will begin to reach more people and do better.

5. Have Sensible URLs

Making good URLs can help your site have better SEO performance. URLs perform better when they are short and readable. Use words instead of majorly numbers, and try as much as possible to include keywords in your URLs. 

Shorter chains of URL are easy to share and is less prone to errors. 

It is also important to note that URLs are sensitive. This means it is a big deal which letters in your URL are upper case and which ones are not, as letter case can differentiate one URL from the other. [1.]

6. Write For People, Not For Bots

Google’s most recent update, The Helpful Content Update, is cracking down on sites writing content just for search engines and not for people. 

Google says it will screen the helpfulness of your site’s content before it ranks your site on the SERP.

Writing for people means putting up only original content, making the content on your site more engaging to human readers, and ensuring people who read you love what you put out. 

It also means using keywords properly and making sure they don’t obstruct the readability of your articles. To understand Google Helpful content updates better, check out this page. 

7. Update Old Content

In Berlin or anywhere else in the world, updating old content will do your website a lot of good and improve your organic reach. 

Old content is often considered stale by readers and search engines alike. The reason is simple: facts change all the time, so older content may have to be re-edited and updated with a couple of new facts. 

Be especially careful to make sure your site does not have any duplicate content. Duplicate content can reduce your site’s ranking on search engines, hence, reducing the organic traffic that comes to you. 

8. Optimize for Local SEO

As mentioned earlier, quite a number of searches on Google are location specific. This means searchers type in a location in quite a several searches they make.

Milestone research found that local searches make up for 22.6 percent of website traffic.

You can optimize for local SEO by trying out the following: 

  • Creating a Google My Business account 
  • Optimize for voice searches 
  • Create content that people in your area can appreciate. For example, you can write content about the news that has just aired in Berlin. 

Local SEO will see an improvement in your organic reach in Berlin.

Now, see who already ranks for the keywords “Blumen Berlin” in the local SEO search.

To do that, write keywords that you found on the search engine.

10 Ways to Improve the Organic Reach of Your Business in Berlin

The businesses you see are well-optimized for local SEO. They usually appear at the top. Now, their customers can easily find what they are looking for. I’m sure you have used something like this to find a product or service recently.

9. Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

The reason is clear: we are almost always with our mobile phones, so most of the searches made on Google come from mobile devices. 

Making your site mobile-friendly is sure going to see a spike in your visitors and may even impact your conversion rates.

10. Check Your Robot txt. Files

A Robots.txt file is used to tell search engine crawlers what areas of your site can be crawled and ones that shouldn’t.

The goal is to narrow down search engine activity on your site to a limited area so requests from Google’s crawler do not overload your server and to stop search engine bots from crawling specific areas of your site that you do not want public.

Putting up Robots.txt files properly will go a long way in improving your local SEO. 


Organic reach is vital for the growth of a business. Looking to improve your organic reach in Berlin, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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