What is Backlink Strategy? 

Another commonly encountered term in SEO is backlink strategy, a common way to optimize one’s site for traffic. It is one of those terms that have you a bit confused at first. But it is nothing to worry about. It is quite simple to understand and simple to apply. You just have to know your way around the basics and build from there. 


In junior school, we usually defined two words by separating them, defining one word and then the other. I am going to do that now. To understand backlink strategy, we first have to understand what backlinks are and what they really do. 

A backlink is made when some other web page links to a particular page on your website. Just like two pieces of fabric are linked together with a thread, pages are linked together with links. 

Every page has a peculiar URL. On browsers, this URL appears on the top area of the page. It is a chain of letters, symbols, and letters and looks something like: https://www.serpcore.com.

Backlinks are URLs of one page; call it page A, which appears on another page; call it page B. If you have ever seen a blue letter or a number on a webpage that was underlined, then that was probably a backlink. Next time you find something like that, click on it, and you will see that it takes you straight to another webpage!

Backlink Strategy

Backlink strategy is a method by which you can optimize your page and website by linking it to other valuable and trustworthy sites. It tells search engines that your site is a site to be reckoned with, just like someone may accord you some respect if you hang out with the president. Works similarly. 

For a backlink to give you exactly what you want, it has to be linked to a site search engines can trust, a site that is ranked high on the search engine results page. These are some backlink strategies you can utilize to get backlinks from other sites and can help your site perform better

1. Great Content

No site will want to share content that brings down its reputation. CNN will not want to put fake news upon its channels, but they will consider putting up a very rare and true documentary that has not been explored in detail. 

They will consider this documentary because it is beautiful and special. 

A great way to pull the attention of top bloggers to you is to post true content that gives value. No plagiarism. Just you being you. 

2. No Broken Links

If there are any links on your website that are broken, you should try to fix them. So that, when they are shared, they do not pop an error message. 

3. Write/Publish Guest Posts

Write posts for other websites or blogs. Choose sites that are of high reputation and have your posts put up there. Include your links in each post or on your author’s bio if possible so that anyone who reads clicks on them and returns to your page.


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